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Vooner VaneGard

The cast stainless steel rotor and cones will increase useful pump life by maintaining airflow capacity longer than cast iron pumps. The patented Dual Water Supply System and fresh water seal into heads will reduce fresh water requirements up to 75% and concentrate fresh water in the Rotor/Cone Seal Segment. The stainless steel components along with dual water supply system will reduce costly vaneslip, lost ACFM, and wasted horsepower and water. The patented self-aligning removable bearing carrier will reduce downtime required for bearing replacement.

Field- test vacuum pumps in your plant today!

AH&M will test any brand vacuum pump and give exact ACFMg flow at each vacuum level.

Field testing vacuum pumps has many benefits. The flatplate orifice test method is the easiest way to show pump capacities for the entire range of vacuum levels. having the ability to field-test vacuum pumps enables mill personnel to make critical decisions about their vacuum systems.

Production is directly affected by vacuum, and inefficient vacuum pumps are often bottlenecks for paper machines. Replacing inefficient pumps will not only eliminate such bottlenecks, but also reduce wasted energy, water, and dryer steam costs. Vacuum systems trouble shooting can be made easier with the orifice test method. By testing the vacuum pump of a troubled system while isolated from the process, problems can be determined to be either pump or system problems. Once the problem is determined, locating the root cause will be simpler.

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